After going through about 4 different mascaras in the last year, I am happy to say that my interminable quest for the “perfect mascara” has come to a standstill for the time being!

After my initial review of the Guerlain Cils d’Enfer mascara, I continued to use it for a while. I had noticed however, that my eyes were starting to get irritated. This I determined, was due to the heavily fragranced formula. It smells undeniably like roses, extremely potent ones. While this may not cause an issue for some, my eyes tend to be a little sensitive; especially in the Summer months. Moving on to something else…….

Enter my new favourite mascara, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess!

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara $32
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara $32 



• The formula is very, very black! If you have pale lashes, this will do a great job at making them dark. My lashes are black, but they could always of course be blacker. I have no complaints whatsoever about the pigmentation of this formula.

• It is not a water-proof formula, which might be a con for some, but I never use water-proof mascara. It does rinse of easily with cleanser and water and even better with a cleansing oil.

• No irritating fragrance!

• It does not flake severely. I have come to the conclusion that there will never be a mascara in existence that will not flake just a tiny bit.

• It is great for subdued or dramatic lashes. The formula is buildable. It takes me 2 to 3 coats. The formula is such that you can build the volume nicely without worrying about getting “tarantula eyes”. It provides great length and volume.This mascara actually reminds me a great deal of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, but this one is even better in my opinion. The brush is very similar, so if you like the mascara from Too Faced, you will love this one as well.

• Of all the mascaras I have tried, this one hardly clumps at all. All I get is nicely separated lashes.


• This mascara is certainly more on the pricey side at $32.

• Sometimes I get a little color transfer on my lid when applying, but since I line the top of my eyes it usually is a non issue.

• The product tends to collect at the top of the tube, which is something they all do, but I hate wasting product.

Bottom line:

I love this mascara! It is officially my new go to! The cons are not nearly enough to deter me from continuing to use it or repurchase. I noticed it has been getting some great reviews, and for good reason. I will not say that this is my “holy grail” mascara, but for now it is the closest thing to it that I can find.

Do you want excessive eyes to kill?