If you saw the top shelf of my closet, there would be no question as to whether or not I love Tory Burch shoes! I practically live in my various Reva flats until it gets really cold.

For me, flats are one step up on the casual scale from sandals or flip-flops. On most days however, I do like to be between casual and dressy; so I rely on low or kitten heels to keep my look polished, yet stay comfortable enough in case I have to run around all day. That is why I adore Tory Burch’s new Gigi pumps. 


These are just stunning shoes!

Screenshot_20160802-222652[1]Firstly, they have a flared block heel, which gives them a really modern look. None of us want to admit it to ourselves, but stilettos are not ideal to walk around in comfortably for more than 5 hours max.. I am willing to wager I could walk around in these puppies all day! They want to be walked in!


I am loving the “T” logo that was designed for this shoe. It goes perfectly with that mod look.


If you look right under the shoe on the front of the heel, you will see another tiny Tory Burch logo.


The toe is rounded so that will make these even more comfortable. If I am right in assuming that these feel like you are wearing a pair of Revas but with a slight heel, I will needing more than one pair!

Classic black is always the best idea!

I love the Tory Beige color. It is a perfect fleshy toned nude.

I do not actually own a pair of teal shoes, but these would look gorgeous with gray or black.

he more I stare at this gorgeous red, the more I think it perfectly matches my new nail color. It’s fate!

Another gorgeous option for your grays! Yes I wear a ton of gray.

These suede versions are just in time for Fall!

I love that the gold “T” logo compliments every single color of pump in this collection. I would love to see some more colors with a silver logo next year for Spring.

I am very much into dark shades of blue with black and black/white prints.

Which one or ones would you get first?