Sometimes you just want an understated satchel, with not too much fuss or muss. It says polished, classy, and elegant. Plus, it saves you when you overcompensate for the lack of details in your accessories, by wearing those brightly colored floral print overalls. (Yes, I saw those in the store. That’s a no and a no for me!)

The Uptown Satchel from Henri Bendel is just that; polished, classy, and elegant! I loved their original pebbled version, but then they revamped the bag a few times with an Ostrich and Crocodile embossed leather. I love exotic skin embossing on an understated bag. It gives it just that little bit of extra detail, without looking overdone.

Their latest Lizard collection keeps the bag classic, but gives it that little bit of trend factor.

I just love this Lizard embossing! It is a perfect in between for those who don’t want plain, but also don’t want a bold look. The structured shape is ideal. This large version of Uptown Lizard Satchel will hold a ton of stuff and would make a perfect work bag. There is tons of space and organization inside, with a magnetic close pocket on the back of the bag as well. The sides are also expandable, which is helpful if you tend to be an overstuffer. I love the simple turnlock closure in the front with minimal hardware everywhere else. The gorgeous neutral color options are Fall season ready!

For those of you who may not want such a large bag as the original, the Uptown Lizard Satchel also comes in a mini version. The mini has all of the same features of its larger counterpart, just in a more compact package. I have seen the mini worn as a crossbody and it really is a perfect size, if you prefer to wear your bags that way.

The only fault I can find with this bag is……..which color?