Over the years, I have tried many a luxury skin care product that boasts an enduring cult following. Everything from the modestly priced, overly priced and in between; some that have worked wonders for my skin and some that just did absolutely nothing to warrant the price tag. Crème de la Mer for example, is arguably one of the most desirable face creams on the market. For $170 a 1 oz. jar, it is hardly modestly priced, but it is also not overly priced when you compare it to other creams on the market, think Orlane Cream Royale for $650.

But is any of it really worth the price? Personally, I love Crème de la Mer; especially after a skin searing peel or microdermabrasion treatment. It just heals and soothes my facial skin.

It still goes without saying however, that if I am buying luxury; I want LUXURY. Luxury that works that is. Enter the new Illuminating Skin Trio from Clé de Peau.


These are not exactly new products, as they have been around for some time, but they have been re-formulated along with getting a packaging face lift that is almost too beautiful. The bottle and jars are faceted with golden accents. Once they were empty, I don’t think I would throw them away.

La Creme $535-$795
La Creme $535-$795

La Crème is an intensive and rich face cream that is loaded with a plethora of beneficial ingredients. A concentrated retinol is blended with major anti-oxidants, silk and pearl extracts, and rich moisturizers. I am partial to anything that includes retinol in the formulation. Also present, is pine tree extract. Now, if you are unaware about what pine extracts can do for your skin, this information may enlighten you. Pine extracts are potent in proanthocyanidins, which are flavenoids. Some of you may already know that flavenoids are the longevity ingredients found in red wines. Pine extract in skin care’s main function is to repair collagen, and all of the studies that have been conducted on it show that so far it is doing a pretty darn good job. Touted as being more powerful than vitamins C and E, you get more potent antioxidant enzymes and UV radiation protection. This cream carries a price tag of $535 for a 1 oz. jar, but if this cream is truly the “fountain of youth” what is $535? It is cheaper than botox! It will treat your entire face and certainly doesn’t carry the risks associated with botox.

Intensive Eye Contour Cream $250
Intensive Eye Contour Cream $250

This eye cream is already an award winner and has gotten some stellar reviews for its ability to lighten dark spots and re-energize the delicate skin around the eyes. Most interesting is the exclusive wand that comes with the eye cream. The wand is designed for a targeted eye massage to increase circulation and improve skin tone. Skin care tools for accompanying use with skin care products are all the rage right now, and I have personally found them to be quite effective.

Le Serum $325
Le Serum $325

Boasting awards of its own, this serum contains Inositol, which is a very important B vitamin complex that maintains healthy skin cells. Add in key moisturizers, and you get a well-rounded formula that is perfect for daily and nightly use. I do like that this is a pump and not a dropper. Although with pumps a bit of product is always wasted, I know the active ingredients will stay fresher.

If it is complete and effective luxury skin care you are looking for, then these new products are about as good as it gets!

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