Who doesn’t love a good face mask? A truly well formulated one can do wonders for numerous issues you might be having with your skin. There seems to be 100+ mask options for every type of problem from dryness, to dullness, acne, redness, enlarged pores, excess oil, and everything in between. With so many choices available it is difficult to choose just one. There are too many great ones!

I must have tried over 100 different face masks in my lifetime so far. What I have found over the years, is that I have always gravitated towards face formulated for dryness, exfoliation, and detoxing. Which is why Bobbi Brown’s new trio of face masks is so ideal,  they address all 3 of those issues.

Skin Nourish Coral Grass and Green Algae Moisture Mask $47
Skin Nourish Coral Grass and Green Algae Moisture Mask $47 

This mask is my most absolute favourite out of the three, and I will never be without it! It is so deeply mositurizing and soothing, yet it is pretty lightweight. Your skin just drinks up the nourishing natural oils, butters, plant extracts, and proteins.

Everyone should know by now that algae is extremely good for your skin, and green algae is one of the main ingredients. Aside from the algae, coral grass is the star component to the mask. Coral grass, also known as eucheuma cotonii or “sea bird’s nest” is a type of seaweed that is extremely rich in enzyme nutrients, calcium, iron, and proteins. When applied topically, coral grass will help to generate collagen production and protect it, as well as lock in vital moisture. This would be perfect to use after any in office microdermabrasion treatments or chemical peels.

There are also numerous health benefits to eating coral grass as well, and it is being touted as the next “big health food”. Don’t be surprised if coral grass starts popping up in all kinds of new skin care products.

After using this mask my skin was plumped, more even toned, and perfectly moisturized. The directions say to rinse it off after a few minutes but, I leave it on all night for a twice a week, overnight deep treatment. You do it for your hair after all, why not for your face? I truly cannot say enough about this one.

Instant Detox Hawaiian Sea Water and White Clay Mask $47
Instant Detox Hawaiian Sea Water and White Clay Mask $47

Clays in skin care are all synonymous for detoxing. Unfortunately, I have found that most of them are also synonymous for overly drying my skin out in the process of detoxing. That is why I love this one, it did not dry out my skin at all! I was just left with soft and clean skin.

Some detoxifying masks also tend to burn, and with this one all I felt was a slight refreshing tingle.

As for my pores, I noticed a difference, but nothing to write home about. There has yet to be a mask invented that will completely eradicate your pores for all time.

The white clay intrigued me, as I have never used a mask that contained it, and I find that the white clay is easier to work with when rinsing off. Black clay masks have become very popular as of late, but they can sometimes be a pain to remove; the black residue seems to linger.

This is a perfect option for someone who wants to detox but also has sensitive skin.

Radiance Boost Superfine Walnut Grain and Orange Oil Exfoliating Mask $47
Radiance Boost Superfine Walnut Grain and Orange Oil Exfoliating Mask $47 

I was a bit skeptical and cautious when I first tried this one. I was thinking “okay walnut grains…..I hope not like the go to apricot scrub of my early teens”. Obviously that was before I knew better. I was so pleasantly surprised by this one however, the grains really are superfine. My skin was retexturized and very smooth.

The addition of Vitamin C rich orange oil gives an antioxidant boost and extra exfoliation. For such an intense formula, I was surprised that my skin wasn’t slightly irritated. I would however, caution those who have a sunburn to not use this mask until after the burns have healed. I can imagine it would sting!

This trio has the makings of being the only mask collection you will ever need!


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