I got a chance to take a look at the new Tom Ford 2016 Soleil collection and it is gorgeous! I am not into overly bright candy colours for the Summer, so this collection is ideal. 

I am loving the sleek white accents in the packaging. It brings to mind all of the white marble and gold accents that Lidia Bersani uses in her interior designs.

This lip colour is MOISTURIZING! There is a passion fruit oil core in every tube, and the surrounding formula is an interfuse of nourishing extracts and butters. This formula is a bit more lightweight than its fuller coverage counterpart. The shades are somewhat darker than one might expect for the Summer, but bright pinks and pastels have been done time and again, time to change-up the game!

This is the full coverage option. The pigment is so saturating, so prepare for a bold statement lip. This is a moisturizing formula as well, but wears on the lips longer than the Moisturecore.

This is a universally flattering and bold rose shade, with a light pink highlighter. The coverage is buildable, which makes it great for all skin tones.

This gold pearl infused, whipped meringue of a cream, does for your face what Touche Éclat does for your eyes. It reawakens, re-energizes, and gives a look of vitality. Lightweight and perfect for warmer temps, this soufflé moisturizes and protects while giving you that sexy Summer glow.

These pots are filled with a luminous cream shadow on the bottom, and a coordinating shimmery powder shadow on the top. Both options are long wearing and can be worn alone, layered or blended for multiple eye looks.

This peachy-pink, lightweight lotion gives skin a natural sunny kiss. It will work for just about every skin tone and can be used under or over makeup. It is not a primer specifically, but I think it would work well as one if you are wearing a lightweight foundation over it.

These bronzing powders are gorgeous! They are so versatile and can be used as a contour product as well. It comes in 3 different shades so there will be one that will compliment your skin tone. It gives a subtle shimmer, and the formula is very long-lasting.

This creamy cheek colour comes in two universal sun-kissed shades, a bronzy peach and a gold toned pink. I was surprised at how blendable these are. I usually run into a blending problem with cream cheek colours.

In my opinion this will be the only all in one compact you will ever need. You get your contour, blush, and highlighter in one. The contour and the blush are a nice stay true formula, but depending on how dark you want or need it to be, you can build the colour. The highlighter is not too shimmery, just right, and can be used for a multitude purposes. These shades are ideal year round, which I love.

While this product is specifically a primer, I feel like if you can use it in place of a foundation. It is silky and just gives a nice even toned glow to the skin. It is not too dark and would work for all skin tones.

This fragrance sums up what the entire collection is meant to exude. It smells of sensuality and refined luxury. This is not your typical Summer, beachy fragrance. No nuances of suntan lotion to be found, and thank goodness for that because there are one too many. It is warm, slightly sweet, and exotic. Think of a warm, sweet breeze blowing in from the Mediterranean, that is how I can best describe it. Most Tom Ford fragrances tend to be unisex, but I think Soleil Blanc is decidedly feminine. For such a warm and lush fragrance you would think it would be heavy or too cloying for the Summer, but it isn’t at all. Aside from my Black Orchid, Soleil Blanc is my other Favourite Tom Ford fragrance!

If you want the best of multiple worlds than this body oil is for you! The problem is that it doesn’t come in a big enough bottle. This silky oil moisturizes, delicately fragrances, and gives your skin a sensual glow. An added bonus is that if you use this under the Soleil Blanc EDP, your fragrance will last much longer.

This Soleil collection is by far my absolute favourite for Summer!