When you think of luxury skincare, what are some of the first products that come to mind? What deems it to be luxurious? In my mind, such a skincare product is one that outperforms all others in terms of the formulation, quality of ingredients, and effectiveness. I have relentlessly tried and tested so much of what the industry calls “luxury” skincare, only to be disappointed by some of it.

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to receive a bottle of Alpessence Caviar Serum, and after testing it out for almost 2 weeks, I am beyond thrilled with this product.


Alpessence is a luxury skincare line based in Switzerland, and all of their ingredients used are sourced there as well. They do not test their products on animals, which is always a huge plus in my book. I WILL NOT buy products that are tested on animals.

The Caviar Serum is Alpessence’s best-selling and most awarded product. All of Alpessence’s products are formulated to absorb efficiently and quickly, without losing the effectiveness of the serum. It truly does take about 30 seconds to absorb completely, and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and velvety. Layering this with your other skincare products is a breeze!

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Before using or purchasing any skin or body care products, I always read the ingredient list. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to understand exactly what you are putting on your face, hair and body.

The star ingredient of this serum is of course caviar. Caviar has been showing up in a ton of new products lately and the reasons are obvious. Caviar extracts contain proteins and amino and omega fatty acids, which everyone should know by now is completely beneficial to the skin. All else aside, does caviar not scream luxury?


Rounding out this formula is copper, zinc gluconate, honey, hydrolyzed hyalauronic acid, rose stem cells, tamarind seed, lactic acid, humecants, vitamins, and other plant extracts. These ingredients provide a well-rounded formula that will produce collagen and elastin, protect existing cells, moisturize, heal, improve texture and tone, and diminish wrinkles.

I tried this serum alone for 5 days, and then used it in conjunction with my other skincare. I was pleasently surprised to find that this serum did help the absorption of my other products.


The silky formula spreads nice and evenly over your face. A little will definitely go a long way, so only one pump is needed. I also love the fact that the packaging is a pump so that way you are not constantly opening a bottle and exposing the active ingredients to air.

After using this I have found that my skin is much more even toned and smooth. My skin has a wonderful glow to it after I put this on. I have had no adverse reactions and my skin can be quite sensitive. The true test of how my skin will react to a new product, is what happens when I use it after I have done some thorough exfoliating. Fresh skin is the best canvas to test products on.

I was truly impressed with this serum and will be adding it to my regular routine!




This is a sponsored post. I received this product for the purposes of honest review on my website.


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