I once came across an article about a 700 year old handbag, which is believed to be the oldest bag in history. It is supposed that the bag originated from Northern Iraq and was crafted around the 1300’s.


This masterfully detailed piece made of brass, silver, and gold was put on display at the Courtauld Gallery in London two years ago. Call me crazy, but this work of art uncannily resembles a clutch.

The skilled craftsmen of the 1300’s got it right then, and Ralph Lauren is getting it right now in our modern age with the creation of his latest accessory, The RL Clutch.


This is probably one of the most sleek and sophisticated clutches since the Hermès Jige and Yves Saint Laurent Monogramme. It is beautiful, classy, and timeless with clean lines and one simplistic detail, the gold-tone logo; which I say is in no way overdone or gaudy.

This is a generous sized clutch with dimensions at 10″l, 5″ h, and 1 1/2″ d, perfect for necessities. Quite fortunately, this happens to come in only one size. I love having options as much as the next person, but when it comes to all of the different sizes available in the exact same bag, it really does make it hard to choose. It took me months to decide on the size of the Marc Jacobs Baroque bag, eventually I went with the XL, and the colour I wanted was almost sold out due to my indecision. Incidentally, I just had a talk with my sister yesterday about more being lost by indecision, than wrong decision, she was mulling over a shoe purchase!

There is only one slip pocket to speak of inside the clutch, but the fact that all of these clutches come with an engraved Ralph Lauren compact mirror and matching shoulder straps, far outweigh any negatives one might find with the lack of organization.

After mentioning the ease of only one size to choose from in this bag, there is another problem; there are so many colours and textures to choose from!

If I was to choose a favourite I would have to go with the Black Python, I am overly fond of sleek snakeskin textures There will be so many more colours and textures to come I am sure. I am going to go ahead and peg this as an “It Bag”.

My final word on the subject is…….this clutch is perfection!