I have a confession to make, one that my hair stylist has chided me about for a while now……I used to wash my hair everyday. Yes I know, so bad. I just cannot stand the way my hair feels when it is not washed. I started the process of washing every other day and am now trying to wash every two days.

I have been on a continuous hunt for the perfect dry shampoo. I feel like I go through quite a bit of it so finding one that is decently priced is a priority. Some dry shampoos are priced on up to $40, and I have found that most moderately priced ones work just as good as the most expensive ones.

These featured dry shampoos are about the best options I have found so far.

This one is without is the most decently priced, and it works extremely well. I buy this one for my daughter on a regular basis and she loves it. it smells fresh and gets rid of oil. I find that this one doesn’t leave a ton of residue either. This actually doubles as a volumizer as well. Just spray some onto sections of your roots and tease lightly.

I was able to get a sample of this one, and I loved it! I love that the smell is fresh but just fades away, it works without using heavy fragrances to mask odors. You do not get a ton of product, but you only need a few sprays.

I am OBSESSED with Klorane dry shampoos. They are amazing. I have used the oat milk version in the past and recently tried this one. I have to say it is about my favourite. It soaks up so much oil! I wouldn’t put it past this to even clean up your hair very nicely after a workout. Fresh smelling, hardly any residue, and the price isn’t too shabby either. Pretty much everything you would want in a dry shampoo.

This is another great one to try if you want something really affordable. You get so much product for the money as well. I constantly see good reviews for this one.

One of my girlfriends ,who is a hairstylist, turned me on to this one recently. I really do like it. It is uber refreshing! It has a minty aroma and sort of tingles when you apply. It hardly leaves a trace of residue. I sometimes use this in conjunction with some of the other dry shampoos I have just for the minty freshness! Ulta also has their Redken products buy 2 get 1 free, so it is the perfect time to stock up.

Constantly hailed as one of the best, this Allure Beauty Winner is definitely one of my top picks. It gets some of the best reviews I have seen. I love that it is gentle and will not dry out my scalp. It just leaves my hair soft, silky, and fresh. The scent is soothing and in no way overpowering. A little of this goes quite a long way so you will get your money’s worth.

Do you have a favourite dry shampoo not on this list?