I cannot think of a more sumptuous cold weather fabric than velvet. It can however, be somewhat of a challenge to wear. Velvet clothing certainly has a tendency to exude a dated look, but this year designers are doing it well and proper with  jackets, tailored dresses and pants, and elegant accessories. This season, velvet has never been so chic!

We might as well start out with this gorgeous plum top and skirt from Rachel Pally. I love that most velvet pieces I am seeing are jewel tones and rich colours.

Headbands are starting to become popular again. I am not sure what you would wear this with, but it is certainly unique.

Imagine wearing this to a formal Christmas party. This is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen. I love understated elegance!

Black velvet shoes are usually the standard, but this year there are so many different shades from neutrals to jewel tones, to metallic shades.

This is such a gorgeous myriad of colours!

Classic black velvet flats.

I actually thought this was two separate pieces at first, but it is a lovely tailored dress. Just enough ruffle detail.

Very good quality velvet most of the time requires dry cleaning, but Eileen Fisher has come up with this washable velvet fabrics; which makes it so much easier to wear the pieces throughout the season.

Velvet leggings are everywhere! I am loving these by Eileen Fisher the most, however. Her pieces last forever.

Always add Tom Ford into the mix! These booties are gorgeous and simple.

It takes a certain type of man to pull off a velvet jacket. I say Tom Ford and Sherlock Holmes are some of the very few men who can, but why not be bold?

This is so feminine, simple, and elegant!

This sheer piece can easily be worn during all seasons in my opinion, it is just too beautiful to only wear during Winter.

Keeping up with the slouchy jackets of this past season, this velvet jacket is a versatile piece.

If you are a bomber jacket kind of gal, this is one of the better tailored ones I have seen.

Three of this years trends come together, zippered detailing, velvet, backpack!

This would be an evening bag that you could use year round. I love Charlotte Olympia!

I love cozy robes! This is going on my Christmas list! So sumptuous.

If you are going to get a velvet robe, you might as well get slippers too!

These pumps would look lovely with any of this seasons black velvet dresses. Carrie Bradshaw approved!

If reading all of this has not convinces you to love velvet, I do not know what will! Have you picked up any velvet additions to your wardrobe?