After attempting to keep my regular nail polish manicures looking amazing, and trying to prevent chipping, I decided to throw in the towel and start getting gel manicures again. I am very particular when it comes to the state of my cuticles and nails in general, and maintaining them myself just doesn’t cut it.

I ran into a good friend of mine and found out she does nails! She does an amazing job and keeps my natural nails healthy!

Rich dark colours are in for the season, and for the time being, various hues of berry will be my shades of choice.


O.P.I Miami Beet is the perfect deep wine. We did my toes too, but I really wasn’t interested in taking off my fuzzy wuzzy socks. It is getting colder!


If you are looking for a nice rich shade for Fall/Winter this is a great option. I love it! My friend who does my nails says it is one of the most requested shades right now.