If you are a faithful devotee of Clinique’s classic yellow moisturizer but always wanted a bit more moisture than the original offers, look no further than Clinique’s new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream.

The lotion formula is not actually moisturizing enough for some, and you have to resort to adding a supplemental moisture cream on top of the lotion. I personally am a product layering addict, but I know some people do not like all the fuss and muss of adding extra products just to achieve something the initial moisturizer should have done in the first place. This new cream, designed for dry to very dry skin, would solve that problem and only require the additional use of a basic sunscreen on top during the day. I personally have always liked Clinique’s Sheer City Block.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream $14.50-26
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream $14.50-26 

I was fortunate to be able to sample this at Macy’s. The consistency is rich, but not overly thick or greasy feeling. For the most part it absorbed very well into the skin. Just like the original lotion and gel formulas, there is of course no added fragrance. I could tell that it was indeed more moisturizing than the lotion. Very nice to apply.  Price-wise, this is a pretty good value for what you get. It starts at $14.50 for 1oz., and $26 for 1.7 oz. To my knowledge, this cream is currently only available at Macy’s and Lord and Taylor.

Screenshot_2015-06-22-10-17-56-1[1]If you are looking for a basic but good everyday moisturizer, then this one would be worth looking into; especially if you have sensitive skin.


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