The year 2010 brought with it the launch of Chance Eau Tendre, which is my very favourite Chanel fragrance. I have been languishing for something new as of late, but Chanel does not release fragrances too often. That is not ideal for us fragrance+Chanel lovers. My languishing would finally be sated upon reading an article on Luxury Insider. I think I must have made a very pestiferous noise, squeals mixed with some childish giggling and laboured breathing, since my husband looked at me utterly confused and concerned at my current mental state.

Régaler vos yeux! Chanel Chance Eau Vive!


The bottle as you can see is of the exact same conception as the others in the Chance family. The Chance bottles are not the most exquisitely designed bottles out there, but they certainly represent the simplistic elegance that is Chanel.


Chance Eau Vive is described as a vibrant floral with notes of jasmine and iris. There is going to be a citrus twist in there as well with notes of blood orange and grapefruit. Round all of that out with cedar, which will give it a subdued earthy quality. I am thinking from the description that there is going to be a lacking of the sugary sweet notes. A welcome nuance, compared to the overly sickly sweet and repetitive fragrances that some designers cannot seem to veer away from. (I am referring directly to you, every poorly conceived fragrance that has a celebrities’ name slapped on it) I loathe to think how many more versions of Viva La Juicy can come into fruition, they all smell the same after a few minutes.


I have decided to just blind order Eau Vive directly from the Chanel website, but it shouldn’t be too much longer until it is released to major retailers and you will be able to sample it. I am overly excited to try it!

Have you been able to get your hands on Chanel Chance Eau Vive yet?


  1. Oooh this fragrance have all the scents I adore: jasmine, iris, blood orange, grapefruit and cedar! I’ll have to sample this on my skin to see how it performs. Thanks for the review – I’ve not seen promotions for this, it’s so new!


  2. This release is beautiful. My mother used this perfume, so that when it came out this she was thrilled.. Me and Chanel perfumes disagree. 😦


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