The weekend is over, yet oddly enough it doesn’t feel that way to me. I think it is because I actually have absolutely nothing to do today! This has been such a busy week, I haven’t had much time to sit down and write.

I was recently asked by stashmatters to do a review on my recent CND Vinylux Nail Lacquer purchase.


This polish boasts to give you week-long wear without any chipping or peeling. It also claims that are able skip the basecoat.


CND Vinyllux Nail Lacquer $10.50
CND Vinyllux Nail Lacquer $10.50


• I did get some pretty good wear with it, but not an entire weeks worth. I would say it was about 4 days before I saw chipping. Keep in mind, I didn’t use a basecoat.

• The color payoff is excellent. The shade I got was very pigmented.

• The polish by itself give a pretty glossy finish on its own without a topcoat.

• $10.50 is not too shabby for a higher end polish.

• There is a very good shade selection.


• I was not a fan of the application brush. It is a thinner one and I do not feel like it gives you the best application it could have, if the brush were constructed differently.

• The formula is not as smooth to apply as some of my other favorite nail lacquers. I am speaking particularly of O.P.I and Zoya nail lacquer. Zoya is a recent discovery for me.

• This particular shade was a pain to remove. The dark blue stained my fingers and around my nail beds. It took so much polish remover and cotton balls to get it off. I am not sure if it is just that one shade or if all of the shades are potentially like that. I venture to think that you shouldn’t have that problem with the lighter shades.

Overall, I like the polish, just not the shade I bought due to the staining. I would be willing to give it another go and try some different shades that are not so dark. The claims about not needing a basecoat I honestly think are bogus. The basecoat I use is one of the reasons my manicures have been lasting as long as they have. I also think that attributed directly to the intense staining factor. If you are on the fence about this, I would recommend getting a lighter shade to try out first and see if you like it.

Have you tried CND Vinylux?