Is there such a thing as “The Perfect Mascara”? I would love to think so, as we live in a world where technology allows me to start my washer and dryer from the convenience of my smart phone. It only makes sense that something as simple as a mascara brush should outperform itself in this day and age, right? I have tried so many different mascaras throughout my life, some of them bad, some of them good, some of them great.

Someone should really develop a mascara Bingo game!

My latest venture in mascara is the new Guerlain Cils d’Enfer So Volume, or Maxi Lash So Volume. This is supposed to be an even more volumizing version of the original popular Maxi Lash, with a blacker than black color. There are oil pigments in the formula that is supposed to keep it from flaking. The brush is modernized with the plastic teeth, that are supposed to grab the lashes.

Cils d’Enfer, French for “lashes from hell”. Scandaleux de troisième degré!




• This is the blackest mascara I have ever used. I mean the blackest! You definitely get your color payoff with this one.

• You really, REALLY do not need to apply a ton of coats with this. In fact if you do, you will end up with the dreaded “tarantula lashes”. With the first coat you will see some good length.

• You get some pretty decent curl with this one.

• It washes off so easily with cleanser and water. That is very important to me, because I hate having to rub my lashes at all in order to get anything off.


• It tends to be a bit clumpy. Having said that, I do not think that there will ever be a mascara that is completely clump free.

• There is a heavy floral fragrance to it. I have never had a fragranced mascara before. As long as it is not irritating to my eyes I do not mind it. So far so good.

• I did notice a very tiny amount of flaking by the end of the night. In the mascara’s defense however, I did put it on at 9 a.m. and didn’t wash it off until about 10:30 that night. It lasted through lunch with friends (sushi and crab-cakes), errands, meeting friends at a fine art gallery for an expo, then dinner (sushi again). It was a full day! Some flakiness should be expected I suppose.

• For a price tag of $30, I expect it to completely live up to the price.

Overall, I like this mascara. The trick is to apply it with a light hand, light coats at a time. Otherwise, you can easily overdo it and have to start over. I do not think that this is “The Perfect Mascara”, but it is a great one that would be worth trying.

Now, I swear on all that is Chanel that I bought this at Sephora, but for some reason it is not on the website at the moment. You can however purchase it at Nordstrom.

Have you gotten your hands on this yet? If so what do you think?


  1. Really great honest review! Love your blog. Would be super cool if you could check mine out too 🙂 xxx


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