Happy weekend! I hope everyone had a great week. On that note, there is nothing worse than dry cuticles! They just ruin a nice manicure. You have to constantly keep your hands and fingernails moisturized. Since I am a bit germ-A-phobic, I am always washing my hands; which does not lend to having moisturized cuticles in any way shape or form.

The other day I inadvertently grabbed a pot of eye cream while I was heading out the door, I thought it was a lip balm. I had left my cuticle oil at home and needed something to deep condition my fingernails since they were looking pretty bad after being out all day and washing my hands constantly. I saw the cream I grabbed and just decided to use that, then a few moments later I was like “Well that worked amazingly well”. The moisturizing and repairing effects lasted quite awhile too. Now I also use this at night on my cuticles before I go bed, and I wake up with soft cuticles and moisturized fingers! Amazing stuff!

Mary Ann’s Naturals Eye Cream

This is the cream that I used. It is from Mary Ann’s Naturals and it completely natural and organic! This is actually a small tub from a sample sized set that my mother in law gave me. They usually come in a 1 oz. for $14.99 and a 2 oz. for $26.99. For portability purposes, the 1 oz. size would be the best bet.


It is an extremely thick and creamy formulation and it smells like cocoa butter. The ingredients are organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic sweet almond oil, pure beeswax, organic avocado oil, and purified water. All good things and no preservatives. Those of you who are looking for all natural products will appreciate this one!

I love my CND Solar Oil still, but the packaging is fashioned after nail polish application. You unscrew the top and swipe it on your nails. I like this little pot of cream because it more convenient to apply. This is actually a really good deep moisturizing eye balm as well. I would however only use it as a nighttime eye cream, since it is really thick and would take forever to absorb while you are putting on makeup. There are also some other creams and lip balms from this brand that you might want to check out as well.

I get so excited when I accidentally discover an amazing multi-purpose product! If you are in the market for a new cuticle product this one is definitely worth checking out! You will love it!

What products do you use for cuticles?