Coach Gramercy Satchel in Studded Leather $795
Coach Gramercy Satchel in Studded Leather $795


I love a heritage brand, and for me Coach is the epitome of just that. I will admit that there were a few years that I was completely turned off of Coach. This was during the introduction of their Poppy line and other designs that definitely seemed more geared toward a younger crowd. I am not saying that it was a bad thing, just certainly not my style. Dare I say I found those lines quite tacky. I have also never been a fan of the classic Coach “C” prints in any form.

I had faith, faith that Coach would make a comeback and be everything I had known them to be in years past. Flash forward to 2013. My perseverance was rewarded with the announcement of Coach’s new creative director, Stuart Vevers! Long story short, I have fallen in love with Coach all over again, and this new Gramercy satchel is a perfect example of one of the reasons why! The other reasons are tucked nicely in their dust bags taking a nap in my closet.

First, I love this classic shape. I know studs and grommets etc. can be very trendy, but these are details that do make their way around and become trends again quite often. The turn-lock openings are actually very functional. When I went to see the original Gramercy, I didn’t think I would like the turn-locks but they are very nicely done. The smooth leather of the original Gramercy was very smooth, and therefore very scratch prone. With the addition of the tiny studs on this version, the problem would be eliminated. I do love this creamy white color paired with the gold hardware. I know I would love it in a black version, and navy with silver would be lovely as well!

What do you think of the newest Gramercy Satchel?