I have been spotting stainless steel jewelry everywhere, and my local jewelry stores have been getting a ton of beautiful and unique pieces in lately. Now this is totally the snob in me, but I do not buy costume jewelry. I prefer to invest in pieces that are well made from genuine, quality materials and will last for the long haul. Having said that, sterling silver jewelry is not something one would usually just go out and buy several pieces of in one fell swoop. The cost of silver has risen quite a bit, making it harder for people to afford really nice silver pieces. That is why stainless steel is such a fortunate alternative.

Stainless steel is extremely durable, and unlike sterling silver it will not tarnish! You can just polish it up to give it some extra shine but other than that stainless steel does not require that much maintenance.

Stainless steel pieces will also mix nicely with your sterling silver that you already do have. Unless you have an eye for metal finishes you can’t even really tell the difference.

I was browsing in one of my local jewelry boutiques and picked up a few pieces that caught my eye. I love them! They are on trend, unique, well made, and less expensive than if I had bought each one of these pieces in sterling silver.


This necklace is was designed by EDFORCE. It is so different from anything I have. I love statement jewelry and this one fits the bill. It has such a high polish to it as well.


Is this not fun? This is a cuff bracelet with tons of stainless steel wire that has been hand-wrapped around the cuff.


Another piece from EDFORCE. This necklace I almost didn’t get because it is so heavy, but it was on clearance so I figured why not. It actually is not that bad wearing it. It is long, about 30″.


This one is so cool. It is made from a ton of popcorn style chains that have been interwoven together. This necklace was surprisingly light. It has an oxidized look to it so it will go nicely with oxidized sterling silver as well.

I am so happy with these pieces, I think stainless steel jewelry is a great investment for durability and quality. If I pick up any more, I will be sure to show you all. Let me know what you think!