Every now and again, in my case now and again, a handbag comes along that makes me foam at the mouth like a rabid mongoose! It is a fact that certain bags deserve their own esteemed recognition. Hence my new segment Bag-phrodisia! Yes bag+aphrodisia=bag-phrodisia!

Rebecca Minkoff Rylan Tote $8985
Rebecca Minkoff Rylan Tote $895  


This is the type of bag that dreams should be made of! It’s a Rebecca Minkoff Runway Exclusive and it is to die for!

The trendy, yet sophisticated fringe is offset by elaborate, yet well appointed antiqued silver stud detailing. The lush pebbled leather radiates. The lovely featured color is called ice, which to me looks like the palest of lavender hues. The size is ample, with plenty of room for essentials and much more.

For those of you who own a Rebecca Minkoff bag, you must know that the quality is superb! They hold up extremely well. This one is a bit pricier than most of the bags in her collection but it is after all, an exclusive. For those of you who are fellow Coach lovers, I feel like this bag would be on par with their Pinnacle line; which has yet to disappoint me either.

So we come to functionality, practicality, and rationality. I am not one who buys a bag just because it is functional. If you saw my collection you would understand. I have a Pour La Victoire Yves tote that is the absolute hardest thing to get into, but I love it anyway and just deal with it. For practicality’s sake, I am one who usually (key word usually) buys a bag that will go with several different things in my wardrobe. However, occasionally there are those “special bags” which have no rhyme or reason that you simply must have. I consider them to be collectible works of art in a way. This Rylan tote is just that, a work of art! Now for rationality. I rationalize that my birthday is coming up in less than three months. Plenty of time for me to drop hints, and maybe grovel!

What do you think of the Rylan Tote? What bags are you foaming over?