I normally do not end up finding a ton of things that I like at Kohls. Today I still didn’t find a ton of things, but I did find a few!

Elle Chiffon Swiss Dot Dress

Pink! For me great fitting things made of chiffon is pretty difficult, being that I have an hourglass figure. No that is not always necessarily a good thing. If anything I am wearing does not define my waist, it looks so unflattering! So I cannot wear all of the cute flowing tops that are in style. This dress just fits so amazingly well, and it is gorgeous!

Elle Printed Dress

This is another example of a well tailored dress! I have a white cut-off blazer to pair with this.

Elle Trench Coat

This jacket is just….beyond! I need to go out and get another black dress! You can never have too many after all, according to everyone!

 Have you picked up anything amazing lately?