Okay, no one freak out! I did not just go on a scuba diving excursion and horde a bunch of coral, disturbing our ocean’s delicate ecosystem!

And neither did the jewelers that made this beautiful piece!


How lovely is this? It is genuine farm-raised red coral and sterling silver. Most corals that you can buy in jewelry stores now are farm raised, but always ask just to make sure. The sales associate told me that another woman had looked at the necklace and was actually upset that it was NOT genuine ocean derived coral!

When I saw it I thought it was just agate beads, since I have never seen any coral in such a vibrant red. Of course the color had been enhanced, but how beautiful this piece turned out. I am so in love with it. It is so chunky and heavy. It is all hand knotted, which is a a mark of excellent craftsmanship when you are dealing with any pearls or natural stones and beads. This is going with my navy and white accent maxi dress!

Do you have any farm-raised coral pieces that you love?