JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System

Some of you may recall over a month ago I did a post featuring the JeNu skincare system that was sent to me by the marketing director of JeNu. I have been using it faithfully since then and wanted to share my final thoughts on this product.

As I mentioned in my earlier post it is extremely easy to use and low maintenance for keeping it clean and charging. I can honestly say that I have seen a difference in my skin since I have been using this. My skin looks a lot smoother. The trick to the effectiveness of this product is to use it on a continual basis. I did skip a week of usage just to compare, and that was enough to convince me! My skin looks so much better when I use it.

As I also stated in my previous post, you can use this on your trouble spots only or your entire face. It really depends on how much time you want to devote to your skincare routine. It takes me about 3 minutes or so to do my entire face.

I also tried using this several different ways: after putting all of my products on, and after putting only my my more potent face treatments on. I have to say that I prefer using this after I put on my potent treatments. Those products are what you want to sink into your skin the most.

The only con that I can see with this system is the conductor gel that you must use with it will run out frequently, if you use this everyday on your entire face. Hopefully in the future the company will make a larger tube for purchase. Until then, I do not mind purchasing the available tube.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this system and will continue to use it and invest in the gel.

Have any of you decided to try this yet?