I love lemons! My favorite hand soap is lemon scented, one of my favorite desserts are lemon bars, and my favorite gelato is Limoncello! It only makes sense that I would be obsessed with a lemon scented body cream.

C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Cream $19.50-$49.50
C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Cream $19.50-$49.50 

Enter my favorite lemon body cream in the whole wide world from C.O. Bigelow! This is the ultimate indulgence that sometimes I feel like I could eat! It smells that good. This cream makes skin uber soft and silky, and smells like lemon meringue! The formula contains shea and illipe butters, skin conditioning kukui nut oil, a ton of anti-oxidants, almond proteins, and lemon oil. Lemon oil is a great skin brightener by the way.

I recommend buying this from Bath and Body Works as you can get a really good deal there. There are two sizes, 8 oz. for $19.50 and 32 oz. for $49.50. The 32 oz. is a better deal for how much more you get, but spending that much on a tub of cream can be a bit of an ouch! The 32 oz. size is only available online usually, and Bath and Body Works has C.O Bigelow buy 2 get one free. I ordered these three tubs, one was free, and I did happen to have a pretty good coupon as well. These should last me awhile to say the least!

Have you ever tried this delectable cream?