I am so picky when it comes to lipstick. It has to be moisturizing, not too sticky, not too glittery, semi-sheer with a hint of gloss, preferably with an SPF, and of course it has to be the right shade. A tall order I know. This is going to shock most of you, but I actually abhor lip-gloss! I hate having to reapply so often, and the worst thing of all, having wisps of my hair get stuck to my lips! They just do not come off! Chicago would be detrimental for me and lip-gloss! So finding the right lip product for me is extremely difficult.

Now as far as color goes, I have a wine shade from Too Faced that I love for special occasions, other than that a pinky nude is what I prefer. Having said that, I have a love hate relationship with nude lipsticks in that I find that most of them look too brown or too orange on me. My lips have a natural reddish hue all on their own. So mix that with your standard nude shades and you get orange! I am pale and my hair is naturally very, very dark. Imagine Snow White with orange lips!

Enter Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Pinkaboo!

Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick Pinkaboo $16
Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick Pinkaboo $16 

This lipstick is moisturizing, not too sticky, not too glittery, and semi-sheer with a hint of gloss! The only thing it doesn’t have is an SPF, which is not a deal breaker for me. As with most glossy formulas it doesn’t last terribly long, but this one beats actual lip-gloss for wear time.


As you will observe it is pretty sheer. This shade just works so perfect with my lip tone, you can also see my skin is definitely on the pale side. I can certainly see this being my go to shade unless fate leads me to something better. In the meantime, I am sated with this new-found lipstick!

Have you ever tried this line of lipsticks before?