I received a sample of the new Bliss Multi-‘face’-eted mask with my purchase a while back, and I just now got around to using it. I’ve been having a bit of a mask obsession lately. A few nights ago that obsession came to a screaming halt, for the next few weeks anyway.


Basically this mask is supposed to be an exfoliating, smoothing, pore-unclogging, anti-aging clay mask. The ingredients are nothing particularly stellar, and the 10% glycolic acid contained in this formula is child’s play compared to what I use on a regular basis. Having said that, I am willing to give some products the benefit of the doubt and have been pleasantly surprised by some of them. This one not so much.

The carnage I am about to show you initially happened to my poor face, which is recovering nicely. I could kick myself for not taking photos of it, but A., I was in too much of a state of panic, and B., it might have been too graphic for some viewers. I could not put my face through it again, so the back of my hand took one for the team.

The mask applies smoothly going on, spreads evenly and nicely, and smells minty and refreshing! That is where the pros end.


See, nice smooth application and it has dried to a darker shade of grey on the “50 Shades” scale. Time to rinse and remove! Easier said than done I’m afraid.


After wiping and rinsing with warm water for at least 3 minutes! At least!


After rinsing and wiping for at least another 3 minutes. Actually it was more like 5. At least!


After washing with rather hot water and soap, plus some mild to abrasive scrubbing action. I may or may not have incorporated the use of a brillo kitchen pad.


My hand is now a lovely, youthful, glowing shade of pink! That is why this mask is so effective! It forces you to remove several layers of skin that you never even knew could be removed! Also, I could not get my photo to focus in close enough, but if you look closely at your pores after finally removing the mask; you will see that your pores look really black. Like there are tiny specks of dirt stuck in them. After all was said and done, the next day after I tried this on my face I used my regular peel to get all of the black residue out of my pores.

Long story short, I will not be purchasing the full size product!

Has anyone else tried this mask and lived to tell the tale?