Some of you may remember about a month ago I did a post featuring the new JeNu Ultra Sonic Infuser.

A week ago the marketing director of JeNu approached me about wanting to send me the JeNu system to try and compare with the OpalSonic system. Of course I enthusiastically accepted! I had tried the OpalSonic system and was not impressed the results. A few days ago I received the JeNu system in the mail and I have been using it faithfully for the past few days. Here are my findings so far.


The system consists of The JeNu wand and the MicroSphere conducting gel. You will also receive a charger and usage instructions. This system is designed to maximize the absorption of your skincare products through ultrasound energy, making them more effective.



The wand itself is very lightweight and extremely easy as far as maintenance goes. You just wipe off the metal disk when finished. I would not recommend submerging this device in water in order to clean it.


The device connects to the charger like so and it has a magnetic like hold, sort of like the pLink chargers for the Clarisonics. The charger holds the device steady while plugged into the wall.

The first time I used it I was impressed with the fact that it is a very gentle device, unlike the OpalSonic there is no potentially irritating motion. I placed a very small pea sized amount of the gel onto the wand and turned it on. The gel reminds me of the gel used when performing a pregnancy ultrasound, it is fragrance free and non sticky. I then ran the device over my targeted areas in slow small circles. I focused on the main potential trouble spots on my face such as my forehead, around my eyes, and the nasolabial area. You can use this device on your entire face or trouble spots only, it is up to you. During use I did feel a slight warming sensation with a very slight tingle. Those sensations were in no way unpleasant, very relaxing rather, and according to the directions completely normal. After one minute of use the device automatically shuts off.

After my first initial use I did notice that the areas where I had used it were plumper. The next morning those areas seemed a lot smoother. I have been following that same routine until tonight when I used it on my whole face. We will see what my face looks like in the morning!

So far no negative reactions to the device or the gel. Here are a few tips and extra info if you decide to try this device:

1. You MUST use the gel with the wand. They were designed to work together. You do get quite a bit of gel, so it should last about 3 months or longer if you use it sparingly. A tube of gel will run you $28. The first few times I used it I think I used a little bit too much. On the website it says that if you have gel left over on your skin, you have used too much. Eventually you will be able to determine how much gel is the right amount. A pearl size or smaller is recommended for smaller areas, and a dime size for an entire side of your face.

2. As I said DO NOT submerge this in water. There is no need. I would recommend just taking a cotton ball with a bit of alcohol and wiping gently to sanitize.

3. The best time to use this is going to be after you use your most potent product. That will usually be your serums and retinol treatments. I wash my face, tone, use my mineral mist, essence, then retinol and serum, then I use the JeNu. I then follow with my moisturizer. I do also apply my eye cream before I use the JeNu around my eyes. Do note that you must not use this on your eyelids, and take care to not get any of the gel into your eyes. I am also interested to discover what results I would get if I use the JeNu after my entire face routine. I may try that after my initial 30 day trial.

Overall, so far I really like this device, and MUCH prefer it to the OpalSonic. I will continue to use this every night, and in a few more weeks I will give another review of my results. Also, right now on their website there is a limited time special offer for the device, usb charger, a nice travel bag, and the MicroSphere gel for $ 195, at

I am so excited to continue to use my JeNu device! Anything to stave off Botox!

Please feel free to ask any and all questions!

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