As I was washing my face with my Clarisonic last night,I realized it has been close to 5 years since I first started using this face altering cleansing device.

Everyone must know by now what a Clarisonic is. I remember wanting to purchase one so badly many years ago, but then I couldn’t see spending so much on something that just scrubbed your face. Not when St. Ives Apricot scrub worked just as good! (insert naive and unassuming tone) I suffer from product lust. I admit it. I could not stop wanting one of my own, so I finally decided to cave and buy it.

I impatiently took it out of the box and immediately used it to wash my face. I followed the directions, but like most people naive to how it really works, I used it for so much longer; convinced that there was no way that my face would become clean after one minute. I decided to use the normal brush head that I got as a free gift with purchase, instead of the sensitive one that it normally comes with. I was sure the normal brush would be more effective. For the rest of the story I will refer to my normal brush head as the demon brush. The next day my skin was so extremely smooth! A modern miracle! I continued my pattern of using it too long twice a day, for a few days. Over the next week my skin became progressively red and raw. I then decided to cut down to using it only at night to give myself a break. Well the condition really didn’t improve that much. I had raw skin for weeks. Then the breakouts! I hardly ever break out! I was so upset, and I quit using it for a while. I even intended to return it, but the customer service rep talked me into giving it another go after my skin healed. I forget her name and I wish I could tell her now, how grateful I am for her urging advice.

After months of gentle cleansing and pampering, my face finally returned to a state of normalcy.I decided it was time to start using Clarisonic again. This time around I followed all of the instructions. I used it for one minute only, bought a delicate brush head, and stored the demon brush in my makeup drawer. This trial was much more pleasant than the first. Flash forward a year, and I started using the sensitive brush head, which is a step up from the delicate one. Flash forward another year, and I started using the deep pore brush head. The deep pore brush is where I found my happy medium for the next few years.

Now if I know anything about skin, which I do, it is that skin acclimates! Just like you build up a tolerance to pain killers and diet pills, your skin will build up a tolerance to exfoliation. About a year ago I noticed that my deep pore brush needed replacing sooner than usual because my skin was not at its optimum radiance!. My skin just didn’t have that oomph after cleansing. Maybe a faulty brush? I intended to make a trip to Ulta the next day to pick up a new brush. I do not remember why I didn’t end up going out that day, but as I was digging through my drawer of beauty products I noticed something tucked away in the back of the drawer. It was the demon brush! What was that still doing there? Why hadn’t I thrown that out? I thought well…….I’ll just try it, and stop if there are any negative reactions. It was actually working pretty well and no raw skin either! After a few more weeks of using the demon brush, my skin improved beyond my expectations. Flash forward to present day, and my skin cannot live without it. If I go without using my Clarisonic and demon brush combo for a few days, my skin is not happy.

So if you are using a more gentle brush for your Clarisonic because you are afraid to try a stronger one, don’t be. Take my advice. Work your way up to it. You and your face will be grateful that you did one day!

The demon brush and I have now come full circle, and we will cleanse together happily ever after!