So my routine hair trim at Ulta turned into another lotion hoard! They had several of their brands buy one, get one 1/2 off; and I wanted to use my coupon before it expired. My sister Amelia, has identified that I have a mental problem. For specificative purposes, when I see a good deal I simply cannot pass it up. One day there will be a valid diagnoses for this. Then when I come home, and my husband pretends to be flustered because of my purchases, I can simply show him my sick note from my psychiatrist!


I got three body butters in Vineyard Peach from The Body Shop. I think we can all agree that these body butters are beyond amazing! I love all of their scents, but I am partial to the peach scent. It just smells so fruity and fresh. Sometimes it’s just a peachy kind of day!


I also got five body lotions from Hempz. These lotions make your skin so soft, and they smell amazing. From left to right is Blushing Grapefruit and Raspberry Créme, which smells like a sweet raspberry meringue pie. The next one is Fresh Coconut and Watermelon, and it really does smell like a fresh coconut and a watermelon had a baby. Next is Pomegranate, and to me is just smells juicy and fruity; very soft fragrance. Next is Vanilla Plum, and this one has the strongest fragrance. I do pick up vanilla and a hint of plum, it does smell so good. The last is Creamy Papaya and Shea. Another fruity concoction, and I can smell the papaya. These lotions are making me think of the tropics!

Have you ever tried any of these?