As most of you probably already know, I am pretty obsessed with bath and body products. I literally hoard them, as my husband can attest.

I came upon a most fortunate find the other day while grocery shopping at Costco, Whish Body Butter sets! If you have never tried Whish Body Butter, you are missing out on some undeniably, baby soft skin.


Rice bran oil is one of the key moisturizers in their formulas, which is most excellent for dry skin. These body butters dispense easily, I would say the consistency is more of a thick lotion. I got a set in the only two scents they had, which was pomegranate and lavender. The pomegranate smells really juicy and fruity, while the lavender has a hint of vanilla; making it a soft, soothing scent. Think lavender baby lotion from Baby Magic or the lavender baby wipes from Huggies, those were some of my favorite products to use on my daughter when she was a baby!

I got these at such a good deal, so good in fact that I am going to stock up on some more. Normally, these butters come in 5 oz. tubes for $24 a piece; that is not much product. These sets were the same price and I got 16 oz., plus a bonus 2 oz. size! If you happen to have a Costco near you, definitely check and see if they have these in stock.

Do you love Whish Body Butter as much as I do?