I have been pretty quiet on my blog for the past week, I’ve had a lot going on. So last night my husband took my daughter and I out for a family date night. After The Hunger Games we went to this restaurant called Dockside, which is at the resort about 10 minutes from my house. The food is pretty good, but what they are most famous for is ice cream sundaes the size of fishbowls!


The cool lounge in the restaurant. Look at the fireplace!


Speaking of fishbowls, check out this one that these fortunate fish get to live in.


Oh no, I don’t think you understand! The picture doesn’t do it justice. All three of us could barely finish half of it! A colony of goldfish would be happy in there!

Have you been to any amazing restaurants lately?



  1. The Beautorialist

    Oh and so good! It was gourmet chocolate ice cream, butterfingers, homemade whip cream, a peanut butter cake pop, chocolate fudge pieces, hot fudge syrup, chocolate ganache, and a cherry! Basically death by chocolate, because if you eat the whole thing yourself, you will probably die!


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