I am obsessed with candles! If any of you couldn’t already tell from a previous post that I did on all the candles I got from Bath and Body Works, which are for the most part my favorite brand of candles. I do splurge on Dyptique and Jo Malone every now and again, but I am always reluctant to burn them for hours on end because they do not last me very long.

Incidentally, for Christmas my sweet sister sent me a jar candle from WoodWick. This candle is amazing! You can start smelling it within seconds of lighting it. You can even smell it from downstairs. It is very potent.


I went to the WoodWick website and they have a few different sizes that range in price from $8.95 to $27. They have diffusers, and these new ribbonwick ones. The wick is actually made of wood, and you can hear it crackling once it is lit, it’s so neat! Apparently, these are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond as well, but I have never seen them at my local store.


20150114_121239-1[1]The one she got me is called At The Beach, and does it ever smell beachy! I love it. I am going to stock up on some more of these in different fragrances. Fyi, their holiday fragrances are on sale right now! I don’t know about you, but I love to burn holiday fragrances throughout the entire year. It puts me in a good and cozy mood!

I absolutely love these candles, and absolutely recommend them!