Thank you so much staybeautifful for nominating me for this award. I am so grateful. Check her blog out as well, it’s pretty terrific!


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Seven random facts about me, here goes:

1. I love brownies! They are probably my favorite dessert. I cut out a lot of refined sugars and soda years ago, and now when I eat sweets I sometimes get a stomach ache. I cannot however, resist brownies. In fact, a few hours ago my daughter just ate the last one I was saving to eat myself. I am quite vexed still.

2. If you came to visit me at home, you will find everything is monochromatic decor wise. Light beiges, creams, and whites. With tons of mirrored accents, white flowers, chrome and stainless steel metals, crystal accents and chandeliers , cream furniture, except for the imposing, ornate dark bronze wrought iron bed in my bedroom; but still all the rest of the furnishings are cream. The point I am trying to make is there are no vibrant colors in my home, at all. This is where my wardrobe comes into play! When you walk into my closet there is such an array of colors, all perfectly coordinated of course! I love a bright and bold colored handbag, or shoes. See I really am not that boring, I promise!

3. I love scary movies! Scary haunted houses, scary novels, you name it! I have since I was a little girl. I have yet to find a movie that actually scares me. The only one I find remotely disturbing is The Exorcist. So what am I afraid of you may ask…..a roach. I loathe them entirely!

4. I love classical music. I have a classical voice, and I used to drive my brother nuts when I would break out and sing Phantom of the Opera songs in the car, my daughter hates it only a little less, and my husband wishes I did it more often.

5. My favorite restaurant where I live is Syringas. It is the best to-die-for sushi restaurant ever! Just to clarify, I do not eat the raw options. Give me a Crunch roll and a Vegas roll, and I can die happy! So if any of you are ever near the breathtaking resort town of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, let me know and we will have a girls night!

6. My first name is Mia, and when I was younger I always wished my name was a long, glamorous one like Victoria or Isabella.

7. I love everything to do with fashion and beauty, I live and breathe it. Handbags are another matter though. I have a complete and total weakness for them. Over the years I have cycled some of them out as they get too worn, or I just do not use particular ones anymore. My mother will attest to my handbag addiction problems, and I am sure she must have tried to warn my husband about it before he married me. Much to his dismay I am blissful in my ignorance, and will continue to buy handbags until my little heart’s content……………..which will be never! I am not sure how many I have owned altogether, I am sure I have lost count, but right now I have about 35 in my closet. All stuffed nice and neat, stored in their dust-bags! In my defense, I know there are people out there who have more than that!

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