In my favorites post yesterday I mentioned I was going to stock up on some body butters from Bath and Body Works. They do not have that many fragrances that I like, they are usually pretty strong, so I just got my two favorite scents out of the ones they had.20150102_104511-1[1]

I got the Warm Vanilla Sugar, and the Eucalyptus Spearmint from their Stress Relief line. The Warm Vanilla Sugar smells like exactly that. Warm vanilla, with sweet sugar. I love that it is not too sickly sweet. The Eucalyptus Spearmint smells pretty spot on too, but with a hint of citrus; the fragrance reminds me of being in a spa. Incidentally, I did buy a few Eucalyptus Spearmint candles this year, and I love them.

Speaking of spas, there is an amazing day spa just 15 minutes away from my house called the HIghlands Day Spa. Their facials are awesome!

Highlands Day Spa in the Spring. Right now we have a ton of snow!
Highlands Day Spa in the Spring. Today we are getting snow! A lot of snow!
The view from the Eagle's Nest! I live in such a beautiful place!
The view from the Eagle’s Nest! I live in such a beautiful place!
A peek inside!
A peek inside!

Most spas will carry the products they use in their treatments, and some other product lines. They happen to carry one of my favorite brands, Archipelago Botanicals.

From left to right is the Black Honey, Oat Milk, Brown Sugar, and Coconut.

I especially love their body lotions. They are made with quality ingredients, smell wonderful, and are very moisturizing. They have about 8 different fragrances to choose from, but these 4 are my favorite minus the Pomegranate one that they were out of. You actually get quite a bit for the money as well, 18 oz. for $25. You can also buy these from their website or at Ulta. One tip about these is you really need to use them up within the year, as they are paraben free. Bath and body products without parabens will tend to lose their potency and even spoil more quickly, as parabens are what preserves the product.

Have you picked up any favorite body lotions or butter lately?