cremeI am a lip balm addict! I admit it freely. The winters where I live can get extremely cold, additionally it happens to be a frigidly dry cold. Lip balm for me is a must, so I am always looking for that HG  product. I am partial to Too Faced cream lip colors, so I decided to try their colorless La Creme lip balm in Like Buttah’. This stuff is amazing! I love especially that it stays on my lips all night. I usually just wear a hint of nude lip pencil topped off with a creamy balm, and this balm offers a bit of glossy sheen as well. It isn’t too waxy, smells fruity, and doesn’t have a terrible aftertaste. It is $22 a tube, but I have used the Fresh Sugar balms in the past, which are the same price, and I feel this one will last longer. If you are looking for a new lip balm, this one is definitely worth considering.