That first sign of cold weather stirs feelings about footwear within me like no other season! Everyone loves boots, and since the critical mass evolution of the legging, boots are the standard housing for feet. I love boots of all kinds, but the type of boots that I have been wearing the most this season are booties. I am literally obsessed with them right now! They go with everything, and can dress up your outfit better than mid-shaft or knee-high varieties. Here are some of my top picks this year for booties.

Christian Louboutin 'Belba' round toe bootie.
Christian Louboutin ‘Belba’ round toe bootie.

Classic Louboutin perfection!

Trouve 'Destin" boot.
Trouve ‘Destin” boot.

Love this soft gray. Think soft pink cashmere sweaters!

Jimmy Choo 'Melba' bootie.
Jimmy Choo ‘Melba’ bootie.

Chunky heels seem to be becoming more present this year as opposed to last, and I for one am glad! Sometimes you just need a steadier step, especially when walking over ice! Yes we get a lot of icy streets where I live.

Tsubo 'Trojan' bootie.
Tsubo ‘Trojan’ bootie.

The main reason why these caught my eye is because I have a leather jacket in this same shade! Très chic!

Via Spiga 'Bijoux' bootie.
Via Spiga ‘Bijoux’ bootie.

I love suede in the winter! Just take care and waterproof them!

Are you loving booties as much as I am this year?